NMEA2KML - HTTP-Server 1.0.1 ß (WIN32)

NMEA2KML reads NMEA-Sentences from a GPS over a COM-Port and published the Position in KML-Format over HTTP.

If you create a Networklink in Google-Earth to this Server-URL, you can view dynamical the position. Remember to set the Link-refreshrate in GE.
This software is in experimental-beta-state and written for my private use!

No Install required!


If you want to read NMEA-Sentences from COM-Port 1 (default) Port is 80 (default)
Usage: nmea2kml.exe
URL: localhost

If you want to read NMEA-Sentences from COM-Port 2 and the server runs on Port 81:
Usage: nmea2kml.exe 2 81
URL: localhost


nmea2kml.zip 08-24-2005


Free for private use only

You, the user, take the total risk and responsibility by loading this release on your computer and agree to hold me harmless of any damage that might result. The only thing this program is guaranteed to do is to take up memory on your computer.

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